As many of you would know, the facilities on the western side of the oval that house the dying grandstand, home and away change rooms, gym and canteen are in dire need of upgrade.  

Former WFC President, Luke South was instrumental in driving this project with Rec Park who have done a terrific job in obtaining local and state government grants to demolish and build new facilities.  Sadly the project and funding were not finalised before Luke passed away in January.

As the grants only cover part of the cost of the redevelopment project, fundraising is much needed if the project is to commence at the end of the 2019 season, ready for 2020.

In memory of Luke, to ensure this project is finalised,  Jock Harvey (long time close friend and WFC member) drew upon his and Lukes relations with our local wine community for VERY generous donations to enable the club to on sell mixed dozens as part of a major fund raising campaign.  The generosity of donations by the wineries involved was staggering and much appreciated.  Together we hope to raise $85,000 with this project alone.

By purchasing a mixed dozen of these amazing local wines, you will be supporting the Willunga Football Club achieve their redevelopment goal, while receiving a wonderful selection of wines from our local community.  WIN WIN!!

Nearly all cases are different and each contains approx 8 cracking reds, and a mixture of 4 white/rose.

To make a purchase, you can buy from the WFC BBQ shed on game day (EFTPOS facilities available), or simply click here to buy online.

Thank you.



Penny's Hill Cracking Black Shriaz
Farmers and Stockholders McLaren Vale Cabernet/Sauvignon
Wirra Wirra Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon
Penley Estate Tolmer Cabernet
SC Pannell Tanino
Mr Riggs The Gaffer Shiraz
Paxton Shiraz Grenache
Olivers Taranga Shiraz
Bekkers McLaren Vale Syrah ($110 bottle)
Serafino Goose Island Shiraz
Scarpantoni Schoolblock Shiraz
Paisteds Vineyards Shiraz
Samson Tall McLaren Vale Shiraz
Rudderless Grenache
Rudderless Malbec
Chalkhill Luna Shiraz
Battle Of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz
Cat Amongst the Pigeons Shiraz
Hugo Wines Shiraz
Hugo Wines Grenache Shiraz
Gemtree Wines Cinnabar GSM
Gemtree Wines Bloodstone Shiraz
Shottesbrooke Pinot
Dogridge Shirtfront Shiraz
Dogridge Square Cut Cabernet
Dogridge The Pup GSM
Dogridge Allrounder Grenache

Thomas Goss Sauvignon Blanc
Black Chook Sauvignon Blanc
Hither & Yon Petit Blanc
Battle of Bosworth Sauvignon Blanc
5 O'Clock Somewhere Vemintino
5 O'Clock Somewhere Nero/Touriga/Montepulciano/Sagramtino
Mr Riggs Mrs Viogner
Mr Riggs Mr Brightside Pinot Gris
Mr Riggs Watervale Riesling
Cat Amongst the Pigeons Chardonnay
Hugo Wines Sauvignon Blanc
Gemtree Wines Moonstone Savagnin
Shottesbrook Chardonnay
Dog Ridge The Pup Chardonnay
Dog Ridge The Pup Sparkling
Dog Ridge Moscato
Dog Ridge Away Game Riesling
Dog Ridge Butterfingers Chardonnay

Hither and Yon Rose
Dog Ridge Running Free Rose
Mr Riggs Grenache Rose
Paxton Rose
Hugo Wines Rose
Gemtree Wines Rose


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