Free Concert Tickets

16 January 2018

We have been offered a concert support role at the "RNB Vines Day" featuring TLC, BoyzIIMen and Shaggy at Leconfield Winery. (It is just like the Day on the Green)

This is a great opportunity to make much needed money for our Change Room and Gym project so your participation is critical.

The event is on Sunday February 11th and is a great opportunity for the Club to make some big money in a short period but it can only be done if we have enough volunteers. We will be parking cars, manning the entry gates and doing the clean up and require about 70 people at different times.

About 20 for the car park, 24 for the entry gates and then about 26 for the clean up during and after the concert plus 8 people for the next day clean up.

All volunteers get free entry to the show plus a meal voucher. There are a small number of roles that require some work during the concert.

If you can devote a few hours on the day please email to and let us know what time you would be willing to help out.

Your help will go toward re-development of our facilities to make them more modern.

We hope you can help out


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